We offer education opportunities for a wide range of ages, knowledge, and backgrounds. We have presented our birds at large conventions such as the Chicago Fish and Sports show all the way down to more personalized experiences for boy and girl scout troops.  We also visit schools! We normally ask for a tax-deductible honorarium for each raptor we bring to a program. Our organization is run entirely by volunteers so all money goes directly to the well-being of our birds.  At an educational program, you will learn about various fascinating aspects of raptors like their unique characteristics, ecology, and environmental impact. If you’re interested in scheduling a program, please contact

Raptor Class

We offer training for new volunteers throughout the year. Participating in our training class is required for all new volunteers. We will teach you the basics of raptor health, feeding, housing, handling, and equipment. After completion of the program, successful students can expect to have the knowledge to educate members of public about raptors and gain the ability to continue training with our birds at the center. Completion of this class will not cover the required hours in order to obtain an education raptor, nor will it automatically guarantee acceptance at other organizations in order to handle their birds. We will provide the foundation on which to build your passion and skills.

The class will take place once a week for at least three hours on Sundays. The average session will include classroom time as well hands-on activities such as cleaning of mews and food preparation. The class will end with an assessment covering the knowledge that you have gained. There will be a fee for the class in order to cover the materials needed in order to teach. We encourage potential students to spend a day with us before starting the class. Our trainers will be donating their free time and resources in order to instruct the class, so we ask that students experience the raptor center before hand so that we can ensure the commitment makes sense for everyone. The class will last approximately 12 weeks depending on everyone’s schedules. Please reach out to for more information.

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