Wings and Talons is 501(c)3 non-profit located in Illinois. We are an all-volunteer organization dedicated to protecting these magnificent birds and educating the public about their amazing adaptations and importance to the environment. All proceeds from donations and programs go straight towards providing excellent care, training, and housing for our birds. All of our residents are non-releasable raptors that due to injury or imprinting, are unable to return to their home in the wild.

Licensed rehabilitation centers around the country strive to return every injured bird of prey that comes into their care back into the wild, but some would not be able to survive on their own anymore. Organizations like Wings and Talons are then able to step in and provide a future for these birds as educational ambassadors. Without centers like ours, these raptors would be euthanized.

Every year, Wings and Talons provides hundreds of hours of educational programs for schools, park districts, nature centers, and more. Our birds are housed on park district land, but all costs for the care and maintenance of our birds comes from donations, sales, programs, and grants. We do not receive any government funding.  Your generous donation supports and sustains our mission of raptor education, stewardship, and conservation.


This scratch pad refill provides enrichment for our birds. Our birds enjoy having something to chew and shred and it keeps their minds active.



We use toys like this kong toy to make it slightly more difficult for our birds to get their food. It’s no cake walk being a wild predator. In order to stimulate their minds, we hide their food in toys. This size will be excellent for our turkey vulture since her species likes to stick their heads into their food sources.






This door mat actually serves as an excellent nest box and perch material. The rough, varied fibers keep our birds feet healthier than if they were standing on a flat surface.  These need to be replaced regularly as they wear thin.



The facilities our birds live in need consistent maintenance, and we have big plans for improvements. Having our own set of tools will allow our volunteers to do the day to day maintenance without needing to worry about bringing their own equipment. We’re looking for a power drill with a rechargeable battery for day to day use. If you’re feeling generous, we also have our eyes on a power drill and saw combo.






Our biggest expense is feeding our birds. We spend thousands of dollars every year making sure our birds receive the correct nutrition to remain healthy. These supplies cannot be found in a grocery store. We use to gather the mice, quail, and more we feed our raptors. You can ensure your gift goes directly to the birds by purchasing a gift card on their behalf.


You can also support us every time you shop at Amazon by using Amazon Smile!

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